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Dry Room System


A Dry Clean Room is a system primarily designed to remove moisture from the room, a requirement that has gained prominence with the recent development of the secondary battery industry. It refers to a room where the indoor air condition is below the dew point temperature of -10℃, with a guarantee of reaching a maximum indoor dew point temperature of -75℃, differentiating it from traditional dehumidification rooms.
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Dehumidification System Structure
Medium and Large Dehumidifier Operating Principle
Operating conditions : DP - 15~100℃
  1. React Fan

    The role of the Regeneration Zone in the rotor is to intake and exhaust the high-temperature, high-humidity air adsorbed.

  2. React Heater

    The Processing Zone dries the adsorbed moisture with hot air to regenerate the rotor (maintained at 160~180℃).

  3. After Cooler

    It cools down the high temperature of the low-humidity air obtained from the Processing Zone.

  4. Geared Motor

    Rotates the rotor at a low speed, rotating 6~10 times per hour.

  1. Honey-comb Rotor

    The rotor is a cylindrical shape, wound alternately with ceramic fiber paper and corrugated paper, with numerous honeycomb-shaped holes. Silica gel is impregnated and coated inside to easily absorb moisture from the air.

  2. Process Fan

    It intakes external or circulating air, passes it through the rotor, and transfers the processed air indoors.

  3. Pre Cooler

    It cools and dehumidifies the incoming external or circulating air as a primary function.

  4. Filter

    It removes dust from the incoming external or circulating air.

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