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Item Equipment and Capacity Unit Remark
Manufacturing Equipment-NCT-1 Yamada PEAG 367 1EA
Manufacturing Equipment-NCT-2 Murata C-3000 1EA
Manufacturing Equipment-Bending Machine-1 Yamada RG 100 1EA
Manufacturing Equipment-Bending Machine-CNC Yamada RG 80 1EA
Manufacturing Equipment-Shearing Machine Daesung Machine 1EA
Manufacturing Equipment-Forklift CLARK 3T Electric 1EA
Manufacturing Equipment-Welding Machine, Cutting Machine NON 1EA
Manufacturing Equipment-Compressor Kyungwon Compressor 1EA
Office Equipment - Container LG Container 4x4 1EA
Others 1 – Worktables and Transport Carts NON SET
  • Profile Worktables
  • Bending Mold-Die
  • NCT Sheet-Die
  • Delivery Transport Cart
Others 2 – Electric Tools NON SET
  • Cutting Machine (Large). Cutting Machine (Medium)
  • POP-nut Gun, Cordless Drill
  • Angle Grinder
Others 3- Office Equipment NON SET
  • PC 1, Laptop
  • Printer, Air Conditioner
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