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CEO Greetings

4th industry No.1 Kum young ENG

The Front Runner of INDUSTRY 4.0, KUMYOUNG ENG

We specialize in the construction of advanced air conditioning equipment for high-tech markets such as semiconductors, IT, secondary batteries, as well as the bio-pharmaceutical sector. We provide a Total Engineering System from design to construction and maintenance for Industrial Clean Rooms (ICR), Dry Rooms, Bio Clean Rooms (BCR), HACCP, UTILITY, fire protection, electrical, and automatic control facilities.
Since our inception, we've leveraged our experience from diverse projects across sectors like secondary batteries, semiconductors, pharmaceuticals, and factory modernization, to continuously innovate and drive successful growth with advanced techniques and new technologies.
To keep pace with the rapidly evolving advanced industries, we are committed to continuous talent development and research in state-of-the-art construction technologies. Through effective financial strategies and principles, we aim to ensure stable management.
At KUMYOUNG ENG, we are committed to continuous change and innovation for our customers' value creation. All of us strive together to become a company that stands tall and proud in the global landscape.
We would like to express our deepest gratitude for the immense support and love from our customers. KUMYOUNG ENG promises to continue putting our utmost efforts into becoming a constantly growing enterprise.
Thank you.