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ESG Management

Environment, Social, Governance

ESG Management Philisophy

KUMYOUNG ENG seeks to enhance the sustainability of the company and contribute to an environmentally friendly and safe societal structure through ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) management, which aims to concurrently pursue economic and social value.


As the business environment diversifies, unlike the past where only economic performance was considered, the importance of non-financial factors such as environmental and social performance in assessing a company's value is growing.
In line with these contemporary trends, KUMYOUNG ENG pursues management activities that take into account a variety of stakeholders, including employees, local communities, the environment, business partners, and consumers, through sustainable management.


We prioritize and practice health and safety across all our workplaces as the most important value.


We aim to fulfill our social responsibility to the environment through eco-friendly operations.


Through continuous enhancement and improvement of our technical capabilities, we practice quality management that can achieve customer satisfaction.


We strive for ethical management to prevent corruption, achieved through transparent and fair execution of tasks.


We promise to make constant efforts to achieve mutual growth with our partners and coexistence with our local communities.

Occupational Health and Safety Policy

KUMYOUNG ENG Co., Ltd. has chosen respect for human life as the top priority of our management, setting our health and safety activities as a paramount task. We aim to achieve a disaster-free environment in KUMYOUNG ENG through continuous preventive activities and active participation in our respective roles. To this end, we have established and operate the following safety and health management policies.
We place occupational health and safety management as the top priority of KUMYOUNG ENG's management.
All employees and partners work together with a single mind and intent to achieve the goal of ZERO accident rate.
All members of the organization actively participate in safety and health activities that can be prevented for the improvement of occupational health and safety, and conduct continuous education, guidance, and inspections.
We establish a safety management plan by conducting thorough risk assessments through advance prediction, and immediately improve by carrying out, reviewing, and correcting measures.
We strictly comply with laws and regulations related to occupational health and safety.
To create a safe and healthy workplace atmosphere, the CEO actively supports and all members participate for the development of KUMYOUNG ENG, making our best efforts.

Occupational Health and Safety Goals

Prevent accidents
through proactive occupational health and safety management.
Achieve more than 80% reduction in accident rate compared to 2022.
Achieve a 100% reduction
in the three major common accidents
[Falling, Slipping, and Entanglement]
through focused management
Achieve ZERO occurrences of major accidents through continuous improvement of risk factors.

Quality Management Policy

To leap forward as a leading company in the fields of Clean Rooms, Semiconductors, Secondary Batteries, BIO Pharmaceuticals, and UTILITY facility design and construction, KUMYOUNG ENG must continuously adhere to and apply the requirements of stakeholders, including customers, as well as relevant laws and regulations. By incorporating these into product development, design, and production activities, we aim to provide products and services that meet customer needs and expectations. We commit to consistently implementing the following quality policy.
Continuously implement and adhere to the following
Safety and health management is the top priority in KUMYOUNG ENG's management.
All employees and partners work together with unity and determination to achieve the goal of ZERO accident rate.
All members of the organization actively participate in safety and health activities that can be prevented and conduct continuous education, guidance, and inspections.
To achieve this, all employees must:
  1. Establish and implement an effective quality management system that satisfies the requirements of the quality management standard 'ISO 9001' and promote continuous improvement.
  2. Understand and diligently fulfill the responsibilities and authorities outlined in the quality management manual.
  3. Set and execute regular management (quality) objectives and make every effort to achieve them through periodic measurement activities.