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UTILITY PIPING refers to the pipes that supply the necessary gases (Process, Bulk, Toxic, etc.), water (PCW, DIW, NPW, CTW, etc.), chemicals (organic, inorganic), drains (wastewater, waste liquid, general), and exhaust (organic, inorganic, general) to operate semiconductor equipment. The scope of utility piping extends from the utility supply point to the location where the semiconductor equipment is installed, including the main line and sub-line.


ULTRA HIGH PURITY (UHP) PIPING is a type of piping designed to transport ultra-pure fluids to equipment that requires ultra-high purity. This piping is produced in clean rooms and undergoes special treatments such as electrolytic polishing to prevent fluid contamination. It is widely used in industries that use ultra-high purity gases, such as the semiconductor, petrochemical, bio, and pharmaceutical industries.

Types of UHP

STS Lightweight Equipment Hook-up Piping
General Welded Piping
PVC Piping
Spiral Duct


Hook-up piping is a pipeline that supplies GAS (Process, Bulk, Toxic, etc.), WATER (PCW, DIW, NPW, CTW, etc.), CHEMICAL (Organic, Inorganic), DRAIN (Waste water, Waste liquid, General), EXHAUST (Organic, Inorganic, General) from the primary pipeline to the equipment in the semiconductor process. After the FAB configuration is completed, the hook-up piping is designed and constructed according to the equipment's turn-on schedule.