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Dehumidifiers are utilized to maintain a dew point below -10°C in DRY ROOMs, ensuring optimal conditions for various industries such as battery production, electrolytes, lithium-ion batteries, and lithium-ion polymer batteries. In the domestic industrial sector, they are commonly employed in primary battery (disposable) and secondary battery (rechargeable) manufacturing facilities, as well as electrolyte production.
Dry Rotor-type dehumidifiers employ highly efficient desiccants to absorb moisture from the air. Humid air comes into contact with the desiccant, causing moisture to condense and transform into dry air. This generated dry air is then supplied indoors. KUMYOUNG ENG's innovative and efficient dehumidification system finds applications in batteries, chemical industry, food processing, pharmaceuticals, military, and shipbuilding. The system encompasses planning, installation, management, maintenance, and post-service, leading to enhanced efficiency and cost-effectiveness.
Dehumidifier Detailed Diagram
Dehumidifier Flow

Dehumidifier Manufacturing Process

Process 1
Design Work
CAD drawing design process
Process 2
Shearing and NCT Operation
Sheet metal shearing (cutting) and NCT (punching) process
Process 3
Bending Operation
Sheet metal bending process
Process 4
Welding Operation
Sheet metal welding process
Process 5
Painting Operation
Painting process for corrosion prevention
Process 6
Assembly Operation
Assembly process according to the product
Process 7
Final product packaging and shipping process