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HVAC System


Air conditioning or HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, & Air Conditioning) is a technology used for comfort in factory and building environments, integrating heating, ventilation, and cooling. HVAC systems can be applied to various industries, including the design of large-scale industries and office buildings, starting with skyscrapers.

HVAC Construction Sites

Sangjoo factory, SK Materials
Sejong factory, SK Biotek
Yeoju Natural Gas Power Plant
Daejeon factory, SK Innovation
Daejeon, HANWHA
Jeungpyeong factory, SK Innovation


The temperature and humidity of the air are precisely controlled within a certain range to create an environment where various equipment and devices that are affected by indoor air can operate in the best condition. This is applied in various industries such as electronics, automotive, laboratories, semiconductors, mechanical engineering, textiles, etc., for product production and research to improve quality.

CTCH Construction Sites

Chungju factory, LG Chemical
Sejong factory, SK Biotek
Ochang factory, LG Chemical
Daejeon factory, SK Innovation
Sangjoo factory, SK Materials
Daesan factory, HANWHA Energy

HVAC - Refrigeration, Freezing

Refrigeration and freezing systems are designed and installed to maintain the freshness and quality of items such as food, pharmaceuticals, and cargo. These systems, which are essential for maintaining low temperatures, keep the indoor temperature within a range of 15°C to -30°C.

Refrigeration, Freezing Construction Sites

CJ Jeju Integrated Warehouse
Sejong factory, SK Biotek
CAVAC Refrigeration Warehouse
Daejeon factory, SK Innovation
Samyang R&D Center
Nonsan factory, Jinju